Would you like to be able to track every LEGO® part and kit that you own?

Would you like to be able to compare what you have in your inventory with what you need to build a LEGO kit you don't own?

Would you like to have all of the information about your LEGO collection right at your fingertips?

Then happyakrz is for you!

Version 1.0 is NOW live and available for download, so download your copy for a FREE 7-day trial, along with the User's Guide and Content PDF's, and learn what a great tool happyakrz is for the LEGO collector!

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available now

for download on Mac or PC

$1295with updates at $2*
or $19.95 with FREE updates!
* Updates are scheduled for launch on each solstice (the 21st of Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec), and will include:

  • Newly Released LEGO Kits
  • LEGO Kits from Previous Years
  • Additional LEGO Parts
  • Special Customer Requests
  • and new special features!
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