purchase happyakrz


with updates priced at $2
per CUP

Since each CUP will have a listing of all included kits, this option will allow you to pick and choose which updates you want to download and include in your happyakrz application.

version options


with FREE updates

This option gives you full download access to every happyakrz CUP.

As each CUP is released, you will receive an email notification with the download information provided, plus developer notices as happyakrz is expanded in features and content.

CUP updates

Updates for happyakrz
will come in the way of
Collection Update Packets (CUPs), available for download
to registered users.

Each CUP will include new kits and parts, as well as programming upgrades and new features built specifically per user requests.

CUPS are currently scheduled for release on each solstice of the year
(the 21st of Mar, Jun, Sep, and Dec), with occasional surprise updates for special product releases.