Interested in purchasing one of the kits that we developed for the 20-21 school year? Check out our great deals below and remember that 10% of all sales goes right back into the After School Program! Your purchase will not only bring a fun building experience to your own home, but also help a lot of great kids in their continued education!

Our kits are always made up of 100% authentic LEGO parts, brand new, and resourced from all over the world!

Hand & Heart Philanthropy Day Kit

With this simple introductory kit, we want to show our supporters how much we appreciate everything they do to raise funds and awareness to our programs in the best interests of the students. This Hand and Heart kit is specifically designed with the logo of the Fremont Area Community Foundation, and it is our goal to teach every student how valuable and satisfying it can be to give to your community.

126 Pieces • PDF & Video Instructions available • $19.99

Thunderbird Totem Pole Kit

What better way to inspire the creative minds of our students during American Indian Heritage Month than to showcase the creative work of our American Indians. The totem pole has been a long-recognized artform created by our indegenous tribes, and we thought that recreating the famous, Thunderbird, would be a fun challenge, and a beautiful build for the students.

697 Pieces • PDF & Video Instructions available • $59.99

Christmas Tree Kit

There are so many festive holiday symbols, but as we've never seen a large-scale LEGO build of a Christmas Tree, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce this fun design.

1,121 Pieces • PDF & Video Instructions available • $129.99

Braille Speller Kit

Imagine having to read with your fingertips! This is something that blind people must learn if they want to continue enjoying the written word, and so the kit for this month is all about combining the functionality of LEGO parts with the fascinatingly tactile braille alphabet!

This kit is built to spell out "GRANT" in braille, but can be customized to any 5 letter word for an additional charge.

506 Pieces • PDF & Video Instructions available • $59.99

Rosa Parks Bus Kit

What better way to celebrate the civil rights movement and the ground-breaking actions of Rosa Parks than to build and display the seat on the bus which she refused to give up. With a removeable roof, this kit is a great reminder of the lengths that we have come (and the continued efforts we need to support) to encourage and promote racial equality in our country!

1,265 Pieces • PDF & Video Instructions available • $189.99

Space Shuttle Challenger

In 1986, Christa McAuliffe became the first American civilian to join a Space Shuttle flight crew. She was a respected and loved teacher and was a wonderful example of strengths that women brought to the space program. Tragically, she perished with the rest of the crew when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded just after launching. This kit commemorates her courage, strength, and devotion to women's progress.

The kit also includes a small model of the Challenger's payload, a satellite entitled, "TDRS-B", which was also destroyed in the explosion.

1,217 Pieces • PDF & Video Instructions available • $99.99

Grant Public Library

One of the most beautiful pieces of architecture in Grant is our public library, and I thought this would be a fantastic build for the Middle School Builders to tackle. With almost 2,000 pieces, it's our biggest build of the year, and will be a showpiece for any student who wants to show off their skills! Make sure to visit the real library during National Library Week and thank the wonderful staff for continuing to supply all of us active readers with new books to explore!

1,955 Pieces • PDF & Video Instructions available • $249.99

Brown vs. BOE Bookends Kit

To celebrate one of the most important rulings in the civil rights movements, developed this kit to show that children of all colors are equal and encouraged in the classroom. The student's mind and capabilities rise far above the color of their skin, and we celebrate every student in their endeavors to overcome ignorance -- both educational and social.

560 Pieces • PDF & Video Instructions available • $69.99

More kits will be posted soon!

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